The Ptolemy Machine: text services

This site serves an in-progress edition of Ptolemy's Geography

Current status

The TEI edition of the Greek text published here is still rough in sections. By making it available through the Canonical Text Services protocol, it's possible to run machine analyses of the text that will help find errors in the geographic coordinates.


The text here is displayed using the Unicode Greek character set from the basic multilingual plane. For two frequently characters beyond the basic multilingual plane, the Greek signs for 1/2 and 1/3, I substitute fractions written with Arabic numbers.


The services hosted here are primarily intended for automated use by other computer programs, but you can follow the link below to to browse and read the text of Ptolemy's Geography.

Other parts of the machine

An automatically extracted inventory of longitude-latitude locations in the Geography is available in a Google Fusion table; OAC annotations available here associate the locations with passages in Ptolemy.